CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Machining is a manufacturing process which combines milling, drilling and tapping to create a product. A spindle containing a milling tool is used and the material is on a movable surface.


This manufacturing process is programmed using CAD/CAM software which translates product geometries into machining tool-paths ranging from simple drilling & threading to complex 3D profile machining.


At The Laser Company, we manufacture individual prototypes right up to production volume orders. We have experience in machining complex geometries in a wide variety of materials.


The Laser Company specialises in the machining of Polymers and Aluminium but our equipment is capable of machining a wide variety of materials.


CNC milling allows for manufacturing complex geometries, ranging from optical components to diagnosis devices. The possibilities are endless for milling. Frequently The Laser Company utilises the CNC Mill to modify components and assemblies.


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