Laser Cutting at The Laser Company is done using a CO2 laser. Our CO2 laser operates through the passing of electricity through a gas-filled tube which creates laser beams. These beams are then focused and guided through several mirrors which send the beam to the laser head. This laser beam is then focused using a focal lens and can be used to melt, burn or vaporize the selected material.


However, it is not as simple as just pressing print! There are several parameters which require careful consideration but following 15+ years of experience with lasers, The Laser Company can achieve excellent quality laser cutting and engraving characteristics.


Our current laser system has the capability of cutting non-metals,

such as Acrylic/PMMA, ABS, PETG, Plywood, Polypropylene,

Delrin/Acetal and many others.


Laser cutting can be used from cutting simple shapes in plywood for sign making to high-tech applications ranging from medical device prototyping to gasket cutting.

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