The Laser Company utilises a Fibre Laser to mark components and devices. Using our Fibre Laser allows for marking of metals and polymers without ablating or altering the surface properties of the material. The Fibre laser is a solid-state laser which creates a 1064nm wavelength beam. This form of laser is highly efficient and has excellent heat dissipation properties. This laser allows for laser spot size of 0.04mm, almost 10 times smaller than CO2 lasers. There are a number of adjustable parameters when using the fibre laser, including pulse duration, frequency, power and focus height.



The fibre laser can laser mark almost any material ranging from polycarbonate to Copper. These include Stainless Steel, ABS, Aluminium, Teflon, Nylon, Inconel and many others.


The fibre laser allows for an infinite amount of applications across a variety of materials, ranging from annealing steel materials to achieving multi-tone marking on medical-grade polymers. One of the most common applications of the fibre laser is serialisation and traceability marking of components in assembled devices/product lines.

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